Looking Out For The Books That Could Help You Delve Into The World Of Spirit Mediums?… Well, Here Is A List That Might Interest You!

Looking Out For The Books That Could Help You Delve Into The World Of Spirit Mediums?... Well, Here Is A List That Might Interest You!

Books are believed to be the best friend of people. And it is indeed right in many ways. It allows you to explore life in the ways you want to with the books that interest you. It takes you down the lane of the alternate world created by the books for you to experience it and somewhat live it as the book progresses.

The world created in the books can be very fascinating with different elements in it. And one such fascinating element which has been witnessed in the many popular books is the interesting theme of mediumship and spirit mediums.

If you are also keen to know about the books that explore the concept of spirit mediums and how they discover and deal with the two worlds in the most interesting manner, here is a list for you to check out.

Spirit Mediums

Beyond Black by Hilary Mantel

If you wish to explore the writing about the dead at its best, Mantel should be at the top of your authors’ list. With the gothic elements included as she goes on to tell the tale of the spirit medium Alison and how her toxic relationship goes on with her manager named Collette, she breathes new life into the characters and story itself. This thrilling book though combined with horrific elements scaring Alison makes the life after death a pleasurable read for the audience.

Affinity by Sarah Waters

The story of the book Affinity follows the track of the spinster named Margaret who is recently bereaved as she decides to visit the prisoners to ultimately being attracted by a medium named Selina Dawes who is already known to have left one woman dead and another woman deranged with her last séance. This story would take you down a thrilling ride into the world of mediums that would leave a long-lasting impact on your heart and mind. It would truly be an unforgettable read.

Spirit Mediums

The Lost Village by Neil Spring

With a series of unsettling events for both the readers and the lead character & an infamous sceptic named Harry Price, this story would unravel for its readers the paranormal mysteries in the abandoned village of Imber where the story is based. You will see real-life ghost hunter Harry along with his assistant named Sarah Grey as the lead characters with a scene of séance in the story that would give you a sense of creepiness but would also look interesting from the perspective of the researcher trying to prove the fraud.

Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz

This story would help you explore the friendship between an unconventional medium named Odd who is a cook and the ghost named Elvis Presley. Not only does Odd see the death but also predicts the disaster. His journey to stop the disaster predicted by him along with the quirky and lovable characters of this book would make it an interesting read.